Sunday, January 20, 2013

From Mobile Website to Mobile App Talk

I will be giving a talk titled: From Mobile Website to Mobile App, on February 20th at 7 PM for the group jQuery LA. at: 

418 bamboo lane, suite A, Los Angeles, CA (map)

If you would like to use your web skills to make apps for iOS, Android and even Windows 8, this is the talk for you. 
We will begin with the most famous cross-platform framework, PhoneGap. We will talk about what it is and isn't, how to set it up, and explore the challenges it presents. Next, we will look at the recently released Icenium. Like PhoneGap, it is based on the Apache Cordova project, but it offers a radically simplified setup process, allows development for iOS on a non-Mac machine, and when combined with KendoUI, offers the ability to automatically change UI based on the o/s. If time permits, we will also explore Windows 8 which offers an HTML/CSS/JavaScript development environment which is very similar to web development, but creates apps which can be sold at the Windows App Store.
Don't miss out, be sure to RSVP early.

Big thanks to everyone who came to see me talk at the super hip, Kleverdog Co-working last night. I always get a lot of love from jQuery LA folks. 

PhoneGap Class Info

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