Monday, January 21, 2013

Fake GPS - Simulating Android Location

The Problem
Location is one of the things that give mobile apps an edge over their desktop bound counterparts. Working with location can be challenging, mainly because of the need to simulate different locations in order to test your app thoroughly. Android has always had a way to simulate GPS coordinates via the DDMS, but quite frankly it sucks. You have to do the grunt work of finding co-ordinates and then manually entering them. Plus it requires that you keep your device chained to your dev box.

The Solution: Fake GPS
Fake GPS is an app available at the Google Play Store, both for free or for just $1.49 you can get the Donate version and show your thanks, trust me you will want too. 

What makes Fake GPS so cool is its simple and easy UI. The main screen is simply Google Maps with a marker in the center of the display. Move the map to a location and tap the Set location button and now your device thinks it is at that location.

It has a bunch of other features as well. You can input a lat/long, save favorite locations, view a history of previous locations. All in all this is an excellent little app which will save you loads of time if you are creating mobile apps with location capabilities.