Thursday, August 24, 2017

React Native Installation Notes

Our goal is to complete a small React Native app by the end of the day. We will use Facebook's react-native-cli speed up our development. In this workshop, we will only build Android apps, but all of our code is iOS compatible.

Install Chrome
Debugging React Native can be challenging. The built-in developer tools allow us to debug remotely via Chrome; this is a huge time saver. Install Chrome at:

Install Git
The latest version of Git is 2.14.1. If have it already, but your version is older than 2.6, please update it. Git is free.

Install React Native
Facebook has written complete installation notes. Be sure to select "Building Project with Native Code," Android and your development OS.

Be sure to follow all of the installation notes including building a virtual device aka simulator. We will need a simulator to run our apps in the workshop.