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React Workshop Installation Notes (March 17, 18, & 24 2018)

Installation InstallChromeReactiscompatiblewitheverymodernbrowser,butChromeisthebestchoicefordevelopment.Inadditiontoitsexcellentdevelopertools,Chromehastwoessentialextensions:ReactDeveloperToolsandReduxDevTools.InstallChromeat: Then installReactDeveloperToolsandReduxDevToolsvia the Chrome Web Store. InstallGitThelatestversionofGitis2.16.2.Ifyouhaveitalready,butyourversionisolderthan2.6,pleaseupdateit.Gitisfree. InstallingNode.jsNode.js is a JavaScript runtime, that is a fancy phrase which merely means it lets us execute JavaScript code from the command line. I am installing the current LTS or long-term support version, which is version 8.10.0. I highly recommend that you do the same. Don't download the latest version; it sometimes has bugs and incompatibilities. Go to: Click the button to download the LTS version, when complete double-click the file to begin the ins…

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