Sunday, June 24, 2012

SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp San Diego 2012

I had an amazing time presenting my three sessions at SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp. Big thanks to all of the people who took time out of their busy weekends to squeeze into the hot and packed sessions. Here is how to find all of the things I presented.

Source code for the sessions is on my account on GitHub:

RocknCoder's GitHub Account

The repos are IntroToNode and JQMContacts. Please check out the other repos as well.

The slides are on my account on

RocknCoder's SlideShare Account

To rate my talks and provided feed please go to SpeakerRate:

Troy Miles' SpeakerRate Account

And finally, please don't be shy about contacting me directly:

Send Mail To Me

Now, I won't do your work for you, but if I can offer any advice I will. Normally I respond to emails within 24 hours except if I am on vacation, or in crunch mode trying deliver a project.