Monday, June 18, 2012

SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp San Diego 2012

I will be giving three talks at SoCal Code Camp this Saturday, June 23rd, on the lovely campus of UCSD in San Diego California. This is a free event with dozens of speakers and hundreds of sessions, so please make time to attend. For more information please go to the SoCal Code Camp website.

jQuery Mobile, Backbone, and ASP.NET MVC
A Framework for Making Mobile Web Applications
Saturday, June 23rd, 10:00 AM

Websites designed for smartphones are one of the fastest growing segments of the internet. jQuery Mobile makes it easy to create sites for mobile devices, but it is mostly about UI. It doesn’t address the needs of an enterprise application. Things like how to load data from and persist data to the server, how to tie the JavaScript and HTML together, and minimize the amount of data transmitted. In this session I will show how to combine jQuery Mobile with Backbone.js and a ASP.NET MVC back-end. The result is a website which is fast, efficient, and easier to maintain. 

JavaScript Test Driven Development using JsTestDriver and WebStorm 4.0 
Saturday, June 23rd, 1:30 PM

Unit testing JavaScript used to be painfully tedious. It required that you, the developer, set up HTML scaffolding to hold the code to be tested and the unit test framework. Once the test page was loaded, your life was a long series of F5 presses, as you modified code and press F5 to re-execute the test. Blah. JsTestDriver is a JavaScript unit testing tool from Google. The project’s stated goal is: to make JavaScript unit test development as seamless as and easy as Java unit tests. When combined with JetBrains’ WebStorm 4.0, unit testing become a breeze and TDD a dream. In this session, I will show how to set up your JavaScript projects for easy TDD. 

An Introduction to Node.js Development with Windows Azure 
Saturday, June 23rd, 12:15 PM

Node.js has taken off in popularity. Find out why major internet companies like Yammer, CouchOne, DocumentCloud, and LinkedIn are using Node to power their servers. And why Microsoft added support for it to Azure. In this session we will build a simple yet functional web server using Node, enhance it using plugins known as Modules, and hopefully explain why Node is such a powerful new web server paradigm.