Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Typemock Isolator

I love winning prizes. At my local developer group, SoCal .NET, I won
Typemock Isolator in a raffle drawing. Like most developers, I know that unit testing is good thing to do, and like everyone else, I am normally too lazy to do it consistently. I am determined to change that. IMHO: The benefits of doing unit test out way the cost of doing them. 

Typemock Isolater isn't cheap, so winning it certainly cut out my resistance. Even if I hadn't won it, I was still thinking of buying it. I have a different way of evaluating the value of things, please note I said "value" and not "price" intentionally. I value my own time at about $75 an hour. If something saves me an hour it has in effect earned me $75. This is the reason why I spend my own money on books and subscriptions to sites like TekPub and Pluralsight, because they always save me time.

My life with Typemock Isolator will begin in about a week. I am adding some new functionality to my web service in order to support a mobile project I am working on. I am going to unit test the new stuff. I will keep you informed about the things I learn along the way.