Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SoCal Code Camp, San Diego

I will be giving not one, not two, but three talks at SoCal Code Camp, San Diego. The event will be held on the beautiful campus of UCSD, the weekend of June 23rd and 24th. Woody has promised to bring the Rock and Roll back to code camp, so this is not an event to be missed. There will be dozens of speakers giving even more talks, on all of topics devs need to know. And like all code camps, it is FREE, so there is no good excuse to not attend.

I will be giving the following talks:
  1. An Introduction to Node.js Development with Microsoft Azure
    1. JavaScript Test Driven Development using JsTestDriver and WebStorm 4.0
    2. jQuery Mobile, Backbone, and ASP.NET MVC - A Framework for Making Mobile Web Applications

    The first two talks are new for me. But I have been doing an increasing amount of my day-to-day coding in JavaScript. So I promise to present to everyone who attends, all the juicy nuggets of knowledge I have gleaned over the last year of hard-core JavaScript coding. The final talk is my favorite. The easiest way to go mobile is via jQuery Mobile. If you have heard me give this talk before, you may want to attend again. The source code is tighter, slides are fresher, and my barbs sharper. I will not bore you.

    So I hope to see all of you at SoCal Code Camp, June 23rd and 24th. If you do come, please stop by and say, "Hi!" I will be attending both the speaker's and geek dinner.

    So Cal Code Camp

    My Speaker Profile at SoCal Code Camp