Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 - Code Camp - San Diego - Sessions

HTML5 is the hottest buzzword on the web. It gives a lot of new features to websites, so many in fact that it makes it possible to create a fairly decent game in the browser without using a proprietary solution like Flash. Now, we aren't talking about a sequel to Call of Duty, but instead a casual game more in the vein of Bejeweled. When you combine HTML5 with jQuery Mobile you have a great platform for making games which can be played on all of the latest and greatest mobile devices.
In this session, I will present a simple HTML5 game engine, explain the various pieces of its architecture, and most of all explain how you can further expand it.

Node.js is one of the most popular repositories on GitHub. Unfortunately it is still difficult to get a good foothold in understanding Node since so many of the tutorials show super simple examples and not the way it is used in a production app. In this session I will show how to use Node, Express, MongoDB, Backbone, and Kendo UI together to build the core of a real app.

This session will move somewhat quickly in order to cover all the material but all of the source code and slides will be available after the session.

You've probably heard of PhoneGap, the free, open source framework for creating mobile apps using standard web programming, but maybe you're skeptical. You probably have a lot of questions.  How easy is it to create an app with PhoneGap? Can I convert my web site to a mobile app? Will the app be too slow to use?

In the session I will, with nothing up my sleeves, convert a mobile web site into a PhoneGap app for both iOS and Android. I will take advantage of both device and HTML5 features. I will show solutions to the performance challenges PhoneGap apps sometimes suffer from. I will show to structure your web site to make it easy to convert to a device app. And finally I will show strategies around one of PhoneGaps biggest headaches - debugging.

JavaScript, like it or not, has become the most important language on the web. Nearly every developer who builds Internet apps has to use it. But JavaScript can be tough to write and even tougher to read. So here are ten tips to help you get groovy with JavaScript.