Monday, August 13, 2012

Enterprise Strength Mobile JavaScript

On August 21st, I will be giving a talk to the Society for Software Quality, San Diego Chapter. The working title for the talk is:

Enterprise Strength Mobile JavaScript:
Unit Testing and Debugging Mobile JavaScript in the Real World

JavaScript has a well deserved reputation of be hard to write and debug. Put it on a mobile device and the problems increase exponentially. Mobile browsers lack all of the niceties that developers rely on to do testing and debugging including the most fundamental tool, the debugger. But it is possible to write quality JavaScript on a mobile device without relying on blind luck. In this talk I will show all of the tools and tricks that I learned in my 12 month development of the new mobile site.

If you are building or thinking of building mobile apps in JavaScript, you need to attend this talk. The doors open at 6 PM, my talk begins shortly after that. For more information visit the Society for Software Quality, San Diego Chapter.

Location:New Horizons
7480 Miramar Road

Building B, Suite 202
San Diego, CA 92126
August 21, 2012 at 6PM