An Introduction to ASP.NET SignalR

Your ASP.NET website needs SignalR, whether you know it or not. Users are no longer tolerant of stale data and guess what? As soon as a page leaves your server the data on it is stale. That where SignalR comes. It is an incredibly easy to use library for ASP.NET which gives your site real-time web functionality. Whether you use it for business or entertainment apps, you will be amazed how easy it is to work with SignalR.

SignalR allows you to make DIRTy apps with the tooling you already love. What's  DIRTy? Data Intensive Real-Time(y). Image the kinds of apps you can create.

We will begin with a quick overview of why SignalR is needed and why it isn't just syntactic sugar for WebSocket. Next, we will cover how to install it. Finally, we will dive into some code, beginning with a very simple example, move on to a more complicated examples.

I will give this talk on April 25th at 6PM to:

dot Net Group
 127 E. Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, NV

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