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React Workshop Installation Notes (March 17, 18, & 24 2018)

Installation Install   Chrome React   is   compatible   with   every   modern   browser,   but   Chrome   is   the   best   choice   for   development.   In   addition   to   its   excellent   developer   tools,Chrome   has   two   essential   extensions:   React   Developer   Tools   and   Redux   DevTools.   Install   Chrome   at: Then install   React   Developer   Tools   and   Redux   DevTools   via the Chrome Web Store. Install   Git The   latest   version   of   Git   is   2.16.2.   If   you   have   it   already,   but   your   version   is   older   than   2.6,   please   update   it.   Git   is   free. Installing   Node.js Node.js is a JavaScript runtime, that is a fancy phrase which merely means it lets us execute JavaScript code from the command line. I am installing the current LTS or long-term support version, which is version 8.10.0. I highly recommend that you do

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